Web design – DOMAINS



I had no clue what ‘domain’ meant before this lesson but my  teacher was able to clarify it in the simplest form and so in my own words I have come up with a definition based upon my understanding.

This is the where the website can be found on the internet. Their a various type of domains of a website which one is familiar with. These are .com, .co.uk, .net, .org etc . Based on research I found out that actually more than 70% of websites worldwide use ‘.com’ because it is seen as the most effective domain because they assume that the customers will type ‘.com’. This is a large proportion of websites that use ‘.com’ and so for my website I will be using it as my domain so that it can easily be accessed my potential customers.

For this assignment we have discussed the two websites which are ‘Godaddy’ and ‘Wix’

However,73% of website in the world are using as .com is the most effective domain and customers will automatically type.com when they search websites and therefore, I think my website should also use .com. We have talked about two websites that we can used for our assignment which are Godaddy and Wix. bandwidth is also important when choosing the website packaging as it determines the speed of website. The larger bandwidth, the quicker customers can get the information in the website